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Tomas MacDonagh's Last Letter

Extracts from a letter written by Thomas MacDonagh to his beloved wife and children


I am to die at dawn 3.30 am, 3rd May. I am ready to die and thank God that I die in so holy a cause

Never was there a better truer purer woman than my wife Muriel or more adorable children than Don and Barbara. It breaks my heart that I shall never see my children again, but I have not wept or murmured. I counted the costof this and am ready to pay it

It is a great and glorious thing to die for Ireland

To my son Don. My darling little boy remember me kindly. Take my hope and purpose with my deed. For your sake and for the sake of your beloved mother and sister I would wish to live long but you will recognise the thing I have done and see this as a consequence. I still think I have done a great thing for Ireland, and with the defeat of her enemy won the first step of her freedom. God bless you my son. 

My darling daughter Barbara, God bless you. I loved you more than ever a child has been loved. My dearest love Muriel thank you a million times for all that you have been to me. I have only one trouble in leaving life – leaving you so, Be sure Darling God will assist and bless you. Goodbye.

Kiss my darlings for me. I send you the few things I have saved out of this war. Goodbye my love, till we meet in heaven. I have a sure faith in our union there. I kiss this paper that goes to you

God help and sustain you my love. But for your suffering this would be all joy and glory

Your loving husband

Thomas MacDonagh

I return the darlings’ photographs

Goodbye my love


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