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A Little bit of a Mystery 

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Kathleen Clarke said that one of the Proclamation signatories did not want to give women equality but would not say who it was. Assuming that this is true, she would hardly have said it, if it was her husband Tom. It was certainly not James Connolly,  Thomas MacDonagh or Sean MacDiarmada. Eamonn Ceannt's wife Aine was very involved in Cumann na mBan, making him unlikely and Joseph Plunketts sisters were feminists. Padraig Pearse was certainly in favour of votes for women and has been mentioned by some of his women friends as being in favour of equality which leaves us with no-one. However, Pearse did ask the women to leave when it became dangerous in the GPO, (Sean MacDiarmada objected) and I haven't found conclusive evidence that Eamonn Ceannt or Joseph Plunkett were in favour of full equality for women even though they were in favour of votes for women. If anyone finds evidence please let me know!


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