I love history, it is full of fascinating people, facts and stories. Very often these are hidden in pages and pages of academic writing. My aim is to find them and present them simply for all to enjoy. 

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The 1916 Rising  

 Dublin, Easter 1916

A group of poorly armed rebels led by poets, teachers and   idealists took on the most powerful empire in the world. Six days later, Dublin city centre was in ruins, thick black smoke rose above the remains of what used to be one of the finest streets in Europe, dead bodies lay everywhere, the leaders had been captured and would soon  die. The rising had failed, or had it? This little book tells the whole story in 55 pages.

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 Please note that there are mistakes in some editions

First  and second edition                                                                                    Page 51: the  first line should be Friday May 12th not Sunday May 7th. Page 52 : the word published should have been circulated. Page 55: should read Kilmainham Jail - well worth a visit (The Nationalist Museum is here).The Aud is of course at the bottom of the sea

Fourth edition                                                               

 Due to an error at the printers there is only a partial map (most of these were withdrawn from sale)

Sorry about that folks